As a freelance PPC consultant, I’m continuously broadcasting and having conversations with clients about the importance of Google AdWords account structure and best practice. Today is no different.

I recently inherited an AdWords account from a worried business owner, concerned about the strategy, management and subsequent account performance delivered by his existing agency.

An audit instantly flagged some worrying structural problems and optimisation techniques.

I agreed to take over.

The strategy was simple. Build a structurally sound account that’d turn around performance straight off the bat, and would also lay the foundations for performance longevity.

⊕ Perform Keyword Audit
⊕ Remove Poor Performing Keywords & Add New Keywords
⊕ Relevancy Through Keyword, Search Term, Ad & Landing Page
⊕ BMM/Exact Match Type Silo
⊕ Implementation Of All Relevant Ad Extensions
⊕ Bulk Negative Keyword Work
⊕ Pre-Qualification Of Users Through Ad Messaging
⊕ Implementation Of Display Remarketing & RLSA

10 days later…

> Cost Increased 31%
> Clicks Up 59%
> CTR Up 38%
> CPC Reduced 18%
> Quality Score Up From 5.6 To 7.1
> RATE UP 63%

Yes, focus needs to be placed on the nitty grittys of PPC management, but not at the expense of account structure and best practice.

The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary.

If you want to discuss your account’s health, or are seeking any advice around your PPC strategy and performance, contact me today.