Regular readers of my PPC blog will know that as a freelance ppc consultant, I like to give out as much free information and knowledge as possible.

Yes, I want to pick up new clients, but offering advice and a helping-hand to business owners and budding marketers self-managing their AdWords accounts, motivates me.

I’ve spoken a lot about Google AdWords account structure, quality score and conversion rate, but today’s best practice guide focuses specifically on the ads themselves.

I’ve put together a simple infographic, a 9 point ad copy checklist that I wish I had pinned to my desk when I was starting out in PPC.

Take a look below…

I’d love to hear if this checklist helped you put together your ads, so contact me, drop me a tweet or message on any of the social platforms below…



9 Point Ad Copy Checklist Infographic


10 Ways To Increase Your PPC Conversion Rate In 10 Minutes

Optimisation doesn’t always have to be super complex and lengthy. If your time is limited, don’t write off or devalue the impact of small, focussed optimisation. Completing a few of these concepts every couple of weeks is far more beneficial than a stagnant account receiving optimisation every few months.

Like anything in life, learning and progression, consistent small wins can compound into major improvements over time