Google Ads Power Hour

A Google Ads Power Hour is an hour with me, via Zoom, uninterrupted.

This is a new service I’m offering, specifically but not limited to smaller businesses who may not be in a position to invest in monthly PPC management.

I’ll help you with any aspect of Google Ads, whether that’s account or campaign setup, structure, management, optimisation, or analysis and reporting. We’ll focus on the most important areas to deliver your business more sales, high quality leads or direct phone calls.

I’m a business owner myself, I understand that my knowledge is limited in certain areas, be it design, bookkeeping, email marketing or web development. And I don’t have the time to learn multiple skills and then implement them in the business myself. Power Hours have been invaluable, allowing me to spend a small amount of focussed time on my most pressing questions and tasks. And I get stuff done.

There is some great content out there for free, I offer that myself. But it’s not always relatable to your specific problems and questions. A one-hour focussed session can be hugely effective for you to pick an experts brain, gain some experience and tackle your most important pain-points.

If you’re looking to take your Google Ads and Paid Search performance to the next level, my Power Hour may be the perfect solution for you.

We’ll screen share your Google Ads account and fix things on the spot, and put a strategy in place for longer-term changes.

How Does It Work?

  1. Simply book a date and time in my diary that also works for you, below.
  2. Fill out a basic set of questions. Your answers will allow me to deliver the best possible value on the Zoom call.
  3. Make payment at time of purchase to secure your booking.
  4. We’ll collaborate on the Zoom and fix some issues there and then, and put together a plan for performance longevity.
  5. Continue to view the recording and refresh the points discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions

For just £189 you get direct access to 10 years’ experience in Google Ads. There’s nothing I haven’t seen in that time, and I’m always confident I can find budget savings and KPI improvements in every account that I audit.

The more information you can give me the better. You’ll be asked to fill out some questions at the time of booking your Power Hour that will direct us to goals and pain-points. That said, an hour soon flies by, so focus on one or two areas you want specific help with. We can cover more if we have the time.

All calls are screen recorded, so you can refer back to them at any point in your own time. I understand the technicalities of Google Ads and don’t expect you to remember or grasp everything at the time.