A few generic thoughts with regards to PPC in this time. Some opinions, and some info of what I’m seeing in the present.

Just emptying my brain.

We’re currently in the “crisis” stage. Maximum disruption. Search volumes have seen noticeable drops as people understandably look for information, without a thought on shopping. Luxury shopping I mean. People are still very interested in shopping for toilet roll and pasta.

Every business has their own unique situation. Whether that’s market/employees/financial state/operations. For some, sadly this could mean liquidation. For others, this maximum disruption stage offers a unique opportunity – CPCs and competition are at unprecedented lows as the knee-jerk reaction for many was to cull all marketing. I’m not saying this was the wrong thing do, again each case is unique.

Businesses that are lucky enough to be thriving in this environment, need to do so ethically. The world is sitting on heightened emotions, and we’re already seeing things turn toxic for some. Any business showing a lack of compassion to the wider situation, might see their fortunes flipped very quickly. Sports Direct.

In the next 10 days or so, I expect the UK to be more settled in full lockdown. Again some businesses that are placed to service their customers from home have a unique opportunity. Health and wellness and DIY. I still wouldn’t expect the majority of the population to be parting with their money much during this time.

Let’s say there is light at the end of the tunnel, in 12 weeks. Provided the population has been looked after financially with their income packages from the government, disposable income could be high.

After experiencing a long period without freedom, in isolation, people will be looking to explore and the businesses that were hit hardest when all of this kicked off will begin to thrive again. Travel and hospitality. These businesses will need to be agile, ideally proactive but also ready to react, or they’ll be quickly be left behind.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s thoughts…



10 Ways To Increase Your PPC Conversion Rate In 10 Minutes

Optimisation doesn’t always have to be super complex and lengthy. If your time is limited, don’t write off or devalue the impact of small, focussed optimisation. Completing a few of these concepts every couple of weeks is far more beneficial than a stagnant account receiving optimisation every few months.

Like anything in life, learning and progression, consistent small wins can compound into major improvements over time