After a very successful first 12 months in business, today I’m excited announce that Tom Holder Pay-Per-Click has become an official Google Partner AdWords Consultant.

Google Partners is Google’s official programme for digital marketing agencies, as well as individual marketing professionals and consultants.

Google Partner status gives you the opportunity to access exclusive marketing material, voucher promotions, industry accreditation and certification, training, events, product updates and more.

To complete the partnership, Google requires at least one person from the business to be fully AdWords certified. You’re also required to exceed a minimal spend threshold through your AdWords Manager account and meet a set performance level. Company performance is evaluated based on client revenue growth and retention, and growth in overall revenue and number of advertisers.

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, and particularly Google AdWords, it’s never been more important to consult a certified expert and Google Partner over your PPC campaigns. If you require a free ppc audit, a quote, or simply a chat about how paid advertising can help your business, get in contact.


10 Ways To Increase Your PPC Conversion Rate In 10 Minutes

Optimisation doesn’t always have to be super complex and lengthy. If your time is limited, don’t write off or devalue the impact of small, focussed optimisation. Completing a few of these concepts every couple of weeks is far more beneficial than a stagnant account receiving optimisation every few months.

Like anything in life, learning and progression, consistent small wins can compound into major improvements over time

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