Dryrobe®, innovators of the warmest, most advanced change robe in the world, sought a fresh approach to their PPC strategy, turning to Tom Holder Pay-Per-Click and my freelance Google AdWords services.


With impressive growth in recent years, working alongside huge worldwide brands like GoPro, the Google AdWords account needed to show signs of the same after a stagnant performance period.

The objectives were simple and clear…

  1. Increase the total sales and revenue figures from Google AdWords
  2. Eliminate wasted ad spend
  3. Deliver a more qualified and engaged user



Having supplied a bespoke, free ppc audit prior to securing the account, I identified the core areas to improve, that’d have the greatest impact on ROI.

Practices put in place…

  • Increased budgets and bids across brand and brand product content
  • Implement RLSA account-wide
  • Pause high spending, non-converting keywords
  • Restructure shopping campaigns at product and high/low converting level
  • Extensive bulk negative work, continued weekly
  • Ad copy optimisation, utilising USPs and CTAs
  • Ad extension optimisation
  • Exclude poor performing geographic locations
  • Implement device bid adjustments



Just 30 days after taking over the day to day PPC delivery for Dryrobe®, I achieved…

  • 34% increase in conversion rate
  • 42% increase in sales
  • 74% increase in revenue
  • 13% improvement in bounce rate
  • 34% increase in CTR%
  • 65% decrease in IS Lost (Rank)


For a limited time, I’m offering FREE, no obligation PPC account audits that could highlight opportunities for improvements just like the above.

Completed by me. No automation software. My experience, my time, my analysis and recommendations.