After recent conversations, meetings and ppc audits, I’m excited to be able to announce Dryrobe®, innovators of the warmest, most advanced change robe in the world, as the latest client to be working alongside Tom Holder Pay-Per-Click and my range of PPC services.

From 1st April 2017, myself, Founder Gideon Bright and the team at Dryrobe® will be working to increase quality of traffic and product sales from Paid Search, Display, Google Shopping and Paid Social, expanding targeting to the US market also.

Work starts immediately to learn about Dryrobe’s business, plot a strategy, rebuild campaigns, test test test, optimise and report the data – an important cog in the wider business efforts at Dryrobe®.

“We have been very impressed with the level of detail and reporting from Tom, as it is becoming increasingly important for us as a company to be aware and have quick, easy and concise reporting information, tailored to our specific needs.” Dryrobe® Founder, Gideon Bright.


10 Ways To Increase Your PPC Conversion Rate In 10 Minutes

Optimisation doesn’t always have to be super complex and lengthy. If your time is limited, don’t write off or devalue the impact of small, focussed optimisation. Completing a few of these concepts every couple of weeks is far more beneficial than a stagnant account receiving optimisation every few months.

Like anything in life, learning and progression, consistent small wins can compound into major improvements over time